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Thank you for stopping by to visit our website. We are looking forward to welcome you personally in our office. As an Independent Dental Hygienists, our mission is to serve our community, not only through the dental hygiene care, but also by providing caring, positive, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Special Offer

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Only $60 for in office teeth whitening session. (Free Oral Screening will be provided to ensure you are candidate for this procedure)

We treat all of our clients with respect and kindness. Some of you may be nervous or embarrassed because it's been a long time since your last dental hygiene visit. Don't worry, we understand how you feel. Our goal is to provide dental hygiene care in a comfortable environment for you, make it fun and minimize your stress.

Come and visit our office and experience our services such as teeth cleaning, polishing, teeth whitening and tooth jewel. We have a computer network system that truly allows us to be as paperless as possible.

Have you ever wanted to get your teeth cleaned or whitened without having to visit a dentist?

In September 2007, Bill 171 was passed allowing dental hygienists to work independently without onsite supervision from a dentist. This allows Ontario residents with greater flexibility in choosing their oral healthcare provider. The public is now able to access professional, affordable oral care treatment when and where they need it. Dental Hygiene services including dental cleaning, scaling, polishing, whitening and fabrication of sports guards can now be delivered outside of the traditional dental office. Walk In Dental Hygiene Care invites you to discover how we can work together to improve your oral hygiene status.