Walk in Dental Hygiene


Our services include a comprehensive review of the client’s medical and dental history. We start our treatment with assessment, dental hygiene diagnosis, plan individualized treatment, implementation and ongoing evaluation. Together with you, we determine and prioritize your oral health needs.

Some of the services we provide are:


Composite is the filling material of choice when it comes to matching your tooth color. Composite fillings consist of plastic and glass particles. They have become the most popular filling materials because they can match your existing tooth color and they also solidly bond or glue to the tooth.
After the decay in your tooth has been cleaned a cleansing gel is applied. Next a bonding solution is applied, finally followed by the composite filling material. Composite is hardened by applying a high intensity blue light. It only takes a few seconds for the materials to harden.
Once the tooth is filled and the composite has hardened, the filling is checked to insure the proper shape and look. At this point any necessary adjustments are made and then your filling is complete.

Root Canals

Root canal treatment is required when nerve tissue inside the teeth degenerates. Without root canal treatment, the infection in the tooth pulp can result in an abscess, which in turn can cause damage to the jawbone. You will need a root canal to save your tooth and to ensure that the tissue around the root of the tooth remains healthy and free from inflammation.
There are several reasons why your tooth may become irritated and inflamed, such as: deep decay, big fillings, trauma to the tooth, a chipped tooth or even repeated dental work.


First, a local anesthetic is given to make the procedure more comfortable. Once the area is numb, the extraction begins. A dental instrument called an elevator is used to wiggle the tooth in its socket. After the tooth is loosened it is removed using forceps or in some more complicated cases a surgical hand piece is also used to assist with the removal of the tooth.

Crowns & Bridges


It normally takes two visits for your dentist to complete your crown. On your first visit, your dentist will shape and prepare the tooth so the crown can properly fit over it. Next, an impression of the tooth is taken and a temporary crown is inserted to protect the prepared tooth. This impression is then sent to a dental laboratory where a custom-fit permanent crown is made. On your second visit the permanent crown is placed. If the fit, shape and color of the crown are satisfactory your dentist will proceed with permanently cementing it into place.


A dental bridge is a false tooth(called a pontic) used to replace one or more missing teeth. The pontic is centered between two attached porcelain crowns, to create a fixed bridge. The fixed bridge is permanently cemented to the two teeth on either side of the tooth gap. There are several different types of dental bridges. Your dentist or oral health specialist can recommend the most appropriate one for your mouth condition and the location of the missing tooth or teeth:

  • Traditional bridge - a false tooth centered between two attached porcelain crowns
  • Resin bonded - also known as a "Maryland" bridge, false teeth are fused together to metal bands and bonded to the back of the teeth on either side of the gap. This type of bridge is ideal when the missing teeth are in the front of the mouth.
  • Cantilever a type of bridge created to attach to only one tooth on either side of the tooth gap.


We understand that the loss of your teeth can affect your self-confidence and impact your ability to eat properly. . Removal of calculus (hard deposits) and stains from your dentures and guidance on how to maintain them. We can help if you have lost most or even all of your teeth or have old worn-out dentures. We offer you the opportunity to smile and eat with confidence by providing a referral of full range of denture care services.


If you grind your teeth in the night, you may wake up with painful teeth or jaws. If there is no pain to alert you, your spouse may tell you that you grind because the noise keeps her awake or your dentist may notice signs during a dental exam. Doctors don't agree on the origination of bruxism. Various theories link it to misalignment of the jaw, genetics, allergies or intake of caffeine, tobacco or amphetamines. Night guards prevent much of the pressure on the teeth.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are a thin, plastic coating that are painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth, usually the back teeth (the premolars, and molars) to prevent tooth decay. The painted on liquid sealant quickly bonds into the depressions and groves of the teeth forming a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth.

Whitening Treatments (Take-Home)

Supervised at-home-whitening where the dental hygienist takes moulds of your teeth and fabricates custom-made bleaching trays, which you use at home with a professional strength-bleaching agent

Whitening Treatments (In-Office)

Maybe you have a special occasion happening soon-like a job interview or a wedding birthday party and you need a more dazzling smile. Even if you practise a good oral hygiene, life has a way of dulling your teeth color: smoking, drinking tea/coffee/cola/red wine, eating dark foods, or using certain medications. In just 15 minutes you can get 2-6 shades whiter. We use LED light to activate safe white gel.

Initial Assessment

Your initial visit will begin with a comprehensive examination. The dental hygienist will go through your medical history, check your head and neck for any abnormalities, screen for oral cancer, and do a thorough examination of the hard and soft tissues in your mouth, including an assessment of your oral hygiene. All information collected will be used by the dental hygienist to discuss your goals with you and prepare a treatment plan specific to your needs. If required, you will be referred to a dentist or other healthcare provider for further examination.

Cleaning / Scaling

Cleaning, or scaling, removes tartar deposits (calculus) and plaque above and below the gum line to prevent periodontitis or even reverse gingivitis. Caviton for scaling is available for clients that prefer this technique instead of manual scaling Some of the warning signs of gum disease are: "Red, swollen or tender gums" Bleeding while brushing or flossing "Persistent bad breath" Loose or separating teeth As many as 75% of adults over the age of 30 may suffer from some stage of gum disease according to the American Journal of Periodontology.


Polishing your teeth can be done between cleanings to look your best for dates, vacations, job interviews and weddings or whenever you expect to have your photograph taken.

Needle Free Anesthetic

With Oraqix you'll experience scaling with no pain. We dispense a gel under your gums which takes effect after 30 seconds. For the next 20 minutes we'll be able to scale your teeth and you won't feel any pain at all! The best part is that unlike the "freezing, numbness" that you may have experienced with a needle anesthetic Oraqix will leave you feeling normal

Fluoride Treatment

For those with a history of excessive decay or sensitivity, our fluoride treatment helps strengthen tooth enamel and supports the remineralization process, preventing or minimizing sensitivity.


Extreme sensitivity caused by recession or abrasion can be treated with the application of a desensitizing agent that blocks the exposed dentin or root surface, reducing pain and sensitivity.

Sports Mouthguards

Far superior to a store-bought athletic mouth guard, a custom-fitted mouth guard can help prevent injuries in all types of sports. Because it is created from your own unique dental mould, it will be lighter, less bulky and more effective.

Tooth Jewel

Add sparkle and style to your smile with Swarovski tooth jewel. It can be removed or changed any time without affecting tooth enamel surface. No drilling required. Available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.

Mobile Care

Teeth cleaning that comes to you! Walk in Dental Hygiene Care is pleased to offer a mobile dental hygiene service to clients who are homebound or in long term care facilities.